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Musings From Uverion

Transmissions From Absurdicon Seven

20 October
Well I'm posting from quite a distance away as I guess you have probably guessed. I've jsut moved from Absurdicon Six to Absurdicon Seven due to a small problem where my planet was destroyed by a wayward moon. Anyways, I live almost on my own with six housemates. I used to work at Cordinvon's Tentacle Salon but it's gone with the planet so now I'll have to find a new job. And a new Co'mevalate bar to hang out in. I've already had my chrysalis three times so I'm a full fledged adult contrary to what some keep trying to say.
anime, co'mevalate, complaining, dexitroboping, hating reality holo-shows, hunting wvitinisen, k'pax, men in black, moon bathing, shopping, smiking, space invaders, space travel, spawning erotica, star trek, star watching, studying narresean, studying primitive civilizations, sulferous vents, talking, tentacles, the olsen twins, the outer limits, the twilight zone, tunnel surfing, uverion, visiting other places, writing, yifish